Camping Eucalyptus Imperia
Via d' Annunzio, 32 - 18100 Imperia (ITALIA)
tel. e fax 0039 / 0183 / 61.534

Dear Madame,dear Sir,
Our camping is open all the year;it is situated at 200 meters from the sea and about 300 meters from the exit Imperia Ovest (West) of the highway .An undergroud passage leads directly to the beach and to the promenade.It's a public beach:a part is sandy,the other is made of gravels.

There is also a little port for rubber dinghies and boats. On the seafront promenade you can find restaurants,ice-cream parlours and even a supermarket. The climate of Imperia is one of the best in all Italy:in winter the medium temperature is of 11 ° and in summertime of about 26 °.

The camping place is situated in a parc with a lot of trees,someone centuries old.It's situated on the outskirts of Imperia at abo t one km.from the town center. Not very far from here,yo can find beautiful and interesting places,which you may join on the highway in a short time:driving along the coast eastwards,you can visit Diano Marina (8 km.),Cervo (12 km.),Alassio (25 km.),Portofino (140 km.)and finally Le Cinqueterre (150 km.).Turning westwards,you'll find Bussana Vecchia (17 km.),San Remo (20 km.),Dolceacqua (40 km.),Monaco (55 km.),Nizza (75 km.),Cannes (90 km.) and Saint Tropez (180 km.).

But if you prefer the outer city,you'll find,only a few kilometers from Imperia,ancient charming medieval villages and splendid mountains. Imperia is linked up to Alassio and San Remo with the busline,which runs every twenty minutes.

Every poste in the camping is situated in the shade of eucalyptus,pinetrees,palms, orange or olive trees.Even the bar,which is situated in the open air,is shadowed by a magnificent palm,lemon and pepper trees.

It's interesting to see the town center:it's an ancient village maritime with a wonderf l seaside promenade.Twice a week,there is the open-air market (alimentary and clothing). In the most ancient part of Imperia,take place concerts and other shows in the open “under the stars ”.

Dogs are admitted in the camping,but they must be hold on the leash;there are also services of laundry,public telephone and liquid gas cylinders.